when do I need to rsvp?

by May 1st, please! even if you’ve told us you’re coming, please fill out the RSVP form so we can stay organized.

how do I get there?

see the map. if you get lost, you can call our cell phones – 206.321.3850 – BUT cellphone reception is very bad and we may not be able to answer.

is the venue wheelchair accessible?

I think so! it’s not paved, but it’s all flat. let us know if you need any help at lovinggrace@cyberneticmeadow.com.

are the cabins heated?

we saw a few space heaters here and there, but the cabins themselves are not heated. they’re very simple wooden cabins with 8 bunk beds each. but at the end of june, it shouldn’t be too chilly to sleep indoors in a sleeping bag (don’t forget your sleeping bag or blankets! if you’re coming from out of town, just email us and we’ll be sure to bring extras.)

do I get my own bathroom in my cabin?

probably not. there are a couple of cabins with their own bathrooms, but they’re already claimed. most of the cabins just have access to the common bathrooms, with showers.

is it going to rain?

maybe! we hope not. there’s a one in five chance of rain (cornet bay gets less rain than most of western washington). if it does rain, there are several buildings with great views that we can camp out in, one with a fireplace.

what kind of food will there be? can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?

we’re making all the food ourselves, with help from friends and family, so just let us know if you need something in particular and we’ll try. there will be vegan entrees and sides, so don’t worry about that.

should we bring anything?

no need! if there’s a particular liquor that you absolutely must have, feel free to bring something because our offerings will be limited to beer, wine, and hopefully a signature cocktail.

how should I dress?

dress however you want to dress, I guess? see cyberneticmeadow.com/attire. and don’t forget it will be chilly after dark! bring a jacket! and probably some comfy shoes to change into; the grass might be damp.

what is the schedule?

the ceremony will start at 5, with drinks and dinner after. then…party? we’ll cut the cake around 8. we don’t have to be out of there until noon the next day, and there are a lot of great hiking trails you should check out before you head home.


there is free parking at the site. follow the map on cyberneticmeadow.com/map and someone will direct you where to park once you arrive. please consider carpooling! our footprint is bad enough with all these damn glowsticks.


so this is actually plausible if you’re coming from bellingham: catch the 80x to mt. vernon from the downtown bellingham station, and switch at mt. vernon station to island transit’s route 411w. get off at the bridge cafe (just across the deception pass bridge) and either walk/bike a mile down to cornet bay, or call us and we’ll get someone to pick you up. if you time the connections right, it will take about an hour and a half to get there.

on the other hand, getting to deception pass on public transit from seattle is problematic, because there is no longer any weekend service between everett and mukilteo or everett and mt. vernon. but if you can get to mukilteo (by bike?), you can take the ferry across to clinton, island transit route 1 up the island to oak harbor, and then switch to the 411w there. this is a two hour long trip, plus however long it takes you to get to mukilteo.

in either case, carpooling is probably the preferred option for everyone but experienced transit hikers.

do I have to pay to get into the park?

nope. cornet bay is a private facility. if you want to go hiking or see the rest of the park, however, you’ll have to pay the day use fee. check out this site for more on the park.

will there be dancing?

that, my friend, is up to you. there is a dance floor and we do indeed plan to dance on it.

where are you registered?

we have a honeymoon registry at Wanderable and a gift registry at my registry. please bear in mind that our apartment is about 400 square feet. I’m not even sure we can fit all the gifts we registered for in the apartment. so, the honeymoon registry is a good alternative. (we’re going to thailand!)

we’re also registered at bed bath and beyond in real life, if online shopping isn’t for you.